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New product launch from Romag: Fire Resistant Glass

时间:2018-10-28 22:26
It takes less than 30 seconds for a small flame to turn into a major fire. A two storey building can become an inferno in four and a half minutes.

Fire resistant glass, now available from Romag, is the unspoken hero in fire emergencies. It can provide up to two hours protection from flames, smoke, toxic gases and heat radiation*.

Allowing enough time for people to evacuate the building safely and as well as reducing the spread of fire, protecting assets and the integrity of the building.

Romag can guarantee a quick turnaround globally on standard fire resistant products, and also work closely with Europe's leading manufacturers for more bespoke requirements.

New product launch

Download our Fire Resistant Glass Data sheet here

What type of Fire Resistant Glass is right for me? Find out more

*Time and level of resistance depends on glass specification.

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